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    Default How to embed image in html email?


    im doing the greeting card and let user to fill in the recipient name and message and then send to the recipient mailbox.

    The problem:
    i do not know how to embed the image into html email...i want the recipient see the image directly without attachment...i have tried to use <img src...> but not work, bcos the image received by recipient is not shown..

    i heard my senior said that i cannot use linked image in html email and need to use embed instead bcos some of the recipient mail setting do not allow to view that image..

    may i know how can i achieve that?

    see this link for my issue:

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    Well, the easiest way to do this would be to attach the image to the mail. This way the image will be embedded in the mail, not in HTML.

    However, since you don't want to attach the image, you can place the image in a place accessible via HTTP (e.g. your hosting account), and then link to the image from the HTML code in the mail.

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    Default easy wey :)

    this is my web app to do this.


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    try to use file_get_contents. make sure the image path is full path. put some http://www.domain.com/folder/filename.extension

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    A very good coding guide is there in the above link.This will help you to solve your problem.

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